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United World: a social media hybrid

It’s our vision to build a place where everybody at every time is free to say what’s on their mind. We want to make it possible that your thoughts can reach everyone whom is interested. That’s why all contributions have to be free of political censorship and commercial interests. We are in favour of freedom of speech. Everyone should be able to get an unbiased and impartial idea of how this world works. That’s essential for a self-determined society. Everybody’s concerns should relish boundless outrange. To our mind, that’s basic to democracy.

We think that everybody should be able to decide, which news are relevant for him and which you want to tell the world by your own. The pre-sorted news which are given to us by facebook, etc. on a daily base are declaring us legally incapable. We leave it to algorithms to decide, what is interesting to us and what we should not know. That’s reducing us and separates our society into artificial groups, calculated by programs. We believe in contrary to that, that everyone should make a witful decision over what’s interesting to him and what not.


Our network. Your possibilities.

Our network is going to enable every human being to make use of his or her right of freedom of speech.

  • Upload articles via mail or text message
  • Decide what’s relevant – and what is not
  • No algorithms will preselect your news
  • Translate articles in other languages and help the community to grow

To let our vision come true we’ve been working for almost three years to build a unique platform for news and stories from all around the world at Stories, that concern you and your surroundings.

With News that are written by people from the point of incident, connects social networking with news portals. Users can inform themselves purposeful and sustainable. News will be sorted by topic and saved in one of 7 billion places. Further, news get a time mark, so they can’t be published again and again, like it’s happening right now in social media everywhere.

Every user can write articles and stories. It’s important to mention, that one user writes for the whole community. You write for all, not for a small, elitist group of people having their own strict rules and habits.  But of course you can mark authors and articles, so you can get to them later and be kept up to date for all changes.

Other ways to contribute

Next to content, there are plenty of other things we’ll need. Want to help?

  • Become a test-user of United World
  • Tell your friends and familiy about this campaign
  • Share it on social media

Even with all the money on this planet, the most important thing would be missing: You. Subscribe with your e-mail address or keep up with us via facebook. Get to know when our project is starting and write creative, interesting content. This way you’re helping us big time and we will rejoice at every published article!


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